On this trip, I rode my bike up to the end of the Westside Road, and then hiked the Wonderland Trail to Golden Lakes Ranger Station near Golden Lakes.  I often write in my journal along the way, or at the destination, but I rarely record my observations and thoughts when I am finished.  This trip was no different, but here is what I did record in my trail journal:
6/6/15, Tahoma Vista, Westside Road - Here I am, again. Headed for Golden Lakes and Sunset Park. Gorgeous day, gonna be warm. Left the car at 8:00 AM, forgetting both my water bottle and bike lock. Can't tell how warm it is, but I'm wearing a tank top and am comfortable. There isn't a cloud in the sky.
11:30 AM, North Puyallup Camp - I forgot my spoon, too! My work badge turned out to be effective. Time for a break at 3 hours in.
2:00 PM, Golden Lake Ranger Station, Sunset Park - Arrived at 2:00 PM, quick lunch, back on trail by 2:30 PM. Strava says 18.2 miles.
Images taken on a bike-n-hike trip to Sunset Park and Golden Lakes, Mount Rainier National Park, on May 6, 2015.
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