This day was cold and windy, snow still capping the ridges, the sky dim, even though the clouds were not thick.  I hiked up the South Coldwater Ridge trail, parking at The Hummocks and walking to the trail head.
The trail climbs up the ridgeline, with a few switchbacks to gain elevation. Mostly, though, it runs along and near the ridgeline, offering awesome views to Coldwater Lake in one direction, and South Coldwater Creek in the other.  Johnston Ridge largely obscures views of the volcano until the uppermost reaches of the ridge.  I encountered deep snow and turned back well before the trail junction, but not before I came across some amazing ruins.
Weyhauser left many pieces of logging equipment behind as they evacuated the area around the volcano. Among those that were not completely obliterated or buried in lahars and debris flows are an old spar and an old bulldozer. They are part of the natural landscape now.

14.3 miles hiked, with 2480′ elev. gain over 5:18 hrs.

Images taken April 16, 2017 along The Hummocks & Boundary Trails, and the South Coldwater Ridge Trail, MSHNVM, as well as at the Sediment Retention Structure, Cowlitz County, WA.
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