Spent Monday afternoon hiking up the South Coldwater Ridge Trail, MSHNVM. I wasn't able to make it up and over to the Boundary Trail, and to the JRO (I turned about at the northernmost point of the trail), but did have a lovely evening stroll along Coldwater lake on my return. I was a bit tired, but not in a hurry. 
About a mile from the Coldwater Lake boat launch, I saw what I at first thought was a bear - big, dark, hairy, humpy and lumbering away from me, back down to the lake. I hurriedly brought my camera up, only to see it was simply a beaver, and it was rapidly moving out of view. A second beaver, however, was calmly eyeing me from the water a dozen feet below, and not at all concerned about me or my camera.
I hiked 13.66 miles, with 2,754' gain over 5.5 hours.

Images taken May 7, 2018, MSHNVM
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