Mike and I took a dayhike up the first 2.3 miles of Lakes Trail #211 along Coldwater Lake, up to the lovely waterfall right next to the trail - I wish I knew the name of that creek. It was a warm, slightly breezy day, the air was full of sun and the spring scent of a meadow in bloom. Wildflowers are beginning to make a good showing - castilleja, penstemon, lupine, fragaria, mahonia, acer, and sambucus. The epilobium, present in large patches along the trail, wants to bloom very soon. Also, a variety of butterflies! And mating dung beetles (seriously, get a room, you're in the middle of the trail!)  What a great way to spend a gorgeous day!

Images taken May 21, 2018 along Lakes Trail #211, Coldwater Lake, MSHNVM
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