I was finally able to complete the Coldwater Loop at MSHNVM - starting at the South Coldwater TH, up Coldwater Trail to the Boundary Trail, to the JRO, and back down to where I had parked at the Hummocks TH. It was not the most lovely day, with clouds gathering on Coldwater Peak. By the time I was working my way down to the Harry's Ridge Trail, rain and blowing clouds had set in. Once again, I missed many of the views in this area.
The wildflowers are blooming exuberantly at the JRO and along Johnston Ridge, but not up higher yet. I had the trail mostly to myself, until I got down to Harry's Ridge. Everything is in great shape, I saw recent maintenance along the Coldwater Trail, but a bit of brush-cutting is needed closer to the JRO - you know, where everyone goes. The cloud deck hung around the base of the crater all day, so I didn't get to see much of Loowit.
17.3 miles hiked with 3485' elevation gain over 7h9m.

Images taken June 4, 2018 along the Coldwater and Boundary Trails, MSHNVM
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