I spent Sunday and Monday at Packwood Lake - had a sweet campsite at the upper end of the lake, and enjoyed the company of a very friendly dipper. Weather was moving thru rapidly, with lots of wind and a wee little bit of rain, bringing the season's first chill. I celebrated with an impromptu campfire.
The autumn colors up there are spectacular. The Packwood Lake Trail is in full riot, with vine maples setting the forest floor aflame. The upper end of the valley is also looking great, with many more maples and cottonwoods. I enjoyed the company of a lone billie goat on the cliffs - can you find him in the pictures?
I ventured about 10 miles up the trail altogether, and while the weather was chilly, breezy, and cloudy, I stayed dry. My new Asolo boots worked fine, but I should have taken more time to break them in, as I got a few hot spots on the way out.
I hiked 19.5 miles with 1,940' ascent.
Pictures taken September 30 and October 1, 2019 on a hike into Upper Lake Creek, GRW, GPNF
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