Today was alright. Nothing special. It was Monday, so I had the day off, but I chose not to drive anywhere today. Did some housework.

Sleep wasn’t so great last night, spent a few hours in the recliner with the cat. Didn’t take a nap today, though, so that was a win.

Exercise today consisted of a walk, about 6.5 miles along the Woodland Trail and through the neighborhood.

Food was mostly keto-approved. I did cheat with some Aplet&Cotlet candies from the grocery. Made up some food for the week - desserts. I forgot a key ingredient for the meal I was going to make. Tomorrow, maybe… Mike is making a keto Skillet Enchilada Casserole tonight - yum!

Weather was marked by our first day of Pineapple Express. Temps were in the upper 40s, to near 50. Rain was light, until it was heavy. The first real rain of the year, and here it is the end of November. It is said that this will be a moderate El Nino winter.

Writing was only this BodyLog entry, 10 minutes.

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