The Willapa Hills trail is a great trail, albeit not quite finished.  There are a few exciting trestles to cross, and lots of deep gravel.  One sure does get to see a great slice of countryside, tho.  My favorite area was the Rock Creek area between McCormick and Walville Creeks. Something about that tight little gap in the hills, the sheets of water rushing over the bedrock, the old rail bed's gentle rise and curve... I rode as far as Globe, then slogged my way back. If I remember correctly, I got a slow flat about 1/2 from my truck - if it had to happen, that was perfect timing.
This was a lonely, quiet trail. One day, I'm sure, the entire trail from Chehalis to South Bend will be paved, but then it won't be quite so nice.
I've completed the entire trail, over the course of roughly half a dozen rides of various lengths.  These are pictures from one ride.

Images taken on a bicycle ride along the Willapa Hills trail, outside of Doty, WA, November 20, 2016.
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